Abigail Lucien & Jennifer Guidi

"We are dealing in a magic realm. Nobody knows why or how it works."

Welcome to Adele Delivers, where I deliver two of my favorite contemporary artists right to your inbox every Friday. Here’s to fostering a deeper connection with art, one artist at a time.

Abigail Lucien

In Abigail’s sculptures, steel like ribbon and hefty slabs of soap tell a story of fragility and decay. In Abigail’s words, “…Merging my practices’ architectural vernacular with my interest in highlighting the tenderness, labor, and ritual of self-care, I’ve been pouring pounds of soap and cocoa butter into self-fabricated molds. There is an implied ephemerality with these materials that is fixed in its exchange with the body. After all, I don’t know many folks who buy a bar of soap with the intent to use it for the rest of their lifetime” Learn more about Abigail here.

Jennifer Guidi

Jennifer uses tactile patterns to evoke a meditative state as your mind touches each hashmark of a skyscape or as it comfortably glides along the ROYGBIV scales of a serpent - She’s interested in the tangible (physical) vs intangible (metaphysical) aspects of our understanding. Learn more about Jennifer here. 

Listicle I love: Jerry Saltz recently dropped a list of his top 78 Instagram follows.

Do you like Prince? Then you’ll love the new Childish Gambino album that dropped this week. IMO Sweet Thang is a better first track so I’ll start you there though Final Church is my favorite.

The robots are coming! Open AI announced GPT-40 this week. Watch as it reasons across audio, vision, and text in real-time.

Quote I’m pondering: “We are dealing in a magic realm. Nobody knows why or how it works.” - Rick Ruben, Creative Act, A Way of Being

Thank you for being here! I’ll end with one of my favorite sundial mottos “Tedious and brief” - this one from John B. McLemore’s estate. Roses are blooming everywhere and it makes me miss the sound of his voice. Till soon. XxA

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