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Anooshey Rahim, Graham Laird Prentice & Tuesday Riddell

Welcome to Adele Delivers, where I deliver two of my favorite contemporary artists right to your inbox every Friday. Here’s to fostering a deeper connection with the art world, one artist at a time.

Anooshey Rahim & Graham Laird Prentice

This team turns something ugly and polarizing like a chain link fence or a concrete riverbed into a joyful cascade of color- not to feign beauty at a place of contention but as an invitation to notice the air, water, and lives that exist there and to get a conversation going about harmony with nature and social justice. Anooshey and Graham are professional architects, adept in creating large-scale works, slicing red tape, and working with teams and the community at large. Their artwork, while visually textile-based, is conceptually part of a larger strategy, “to facilitate collective expression, promote tolerance, and celebrate interdependence.” Learn more about Anooshey and Graham here.

Co-created w Princess Robinson, Gita Khandagle & members of the Richmond Community

Fish Kites at Lake Merritt Estuary

The L.A. River Flags Project, Los Angeles River

Tuesday Riddell

Tuesday Riddell specializes in Japanning, an uncommon technique involving the application of over 30 layers of lacquer per panel, resulting in a mirrored black sheen. Next, she adds gold and silver leaf and paints in the detail of her subject- the forest floor. Japanning is on the Heritage Crafts Association’s Red List of endangered crafts based on how likely it is to survive to the next generation. Tuesday loves the way it heightens the magic of the world beneath our feet. Learn more about Tuesday here.  

Video: In The Studio With Tuesday Riddell

Thank you for being here! Before you leave, I have some news. I’m taking the next two weeks off to finish paintings for my upcoming show - the final show at my gallery, Adele Gilani Art Gallery in Sausalito, CA. I’ll be back March 22 with more art and details about my upcoming exhibition. Till soon. XxA

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