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Kris Knight & Sho Shibuya

Welcome to Adele Delivers, where I deliver two of my favorite contemporary artists right to your inbox every Friday. Here’s to fostering a deeper connection with art, one artist at a time.

Kris Knight

Kris's work is about vulnerability, tenderness, the power of letting down your guard, and time spent in our inner worlds. You might recognize Kris's paintings from the movie "Good Grief" starring Dan Levy. Learn more about Kris here.

Sho Shibuya

Sho’s art is a visual diary of the news. In his words, “I am very good at continuing things. My painting series began as a simple meditation, born out of a feeling of restlessness and an observation of the contrast between the chaos in the news and the natural calm outside my window, and it evolved from there as I continued to paint and explore my emotions and reactions to the news. In this sense, the project is never finished.” See more of Sho’s work and view corresponding news articles here.

Thank you for being here! While I was away, I finished the paintings I was telling you about and they are wonderful, even better than I’d imagined. You can see them at my opening reception for my final show “Goodnight Moon”, April 6, 7-10 pm at Adele Gilani Art Gallery in Sausalito.

Let me know if you need help planning your trip to Sausalito! If you need dinner recs, I’ve got ‘em. This show is my final act at Adele Gilani Art Gallery and I can’t wait to see you there.

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