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KEFE & Philipp Frank

Welcome to Adele Delivers, where I deliver two of my favorite contemporary artists right to your inbox every Friday. Here’s to fostering a deeper connection with art, one artist at a time.

KEFE aka Kelly Tunstall & Ferris Plock

KEFE artists, Kelly and Ferris, have individually established art careers known for their signature characters, and their art forms a distinct thread in the rich fabric of the Bay Area art scene. Kelly's art has soft, curvy lines - very feminine. Ferris uses geometric, hard angles - masculine indeed. But when their styles unite, it's complex, exciting, magical. The KEFE blend casts a spell, not unlike the unlikely combination of smells, tastes, vistas, and sounds of San Francisco. When KEFE makes art, they're bonding as sacred companions and showing us that celebrating our differences is where the magic happens. Learn more about KEFE here.

Kelly Tunstall

Ferris Plock

Philipp Frank

Philipp uses cutting-edge technology like 3D projection mapping, video and animation suites, high-speed computers, bright beamers, and VR equipment to bring his paintings to life, usually somewhere out in the woods. High-tech in a low-tech environment - challenging the perceived dichotomy between the two. Philipp shines light on the intelligence of a fallen log so we can notice the perfect, natural composition of decay and rebirth and be reminded that as we humans bleed in and out of the Earth's pores, our technological capabilities are ultimately derived from and enmeshed with the natural world. Our intelligence is an expression of Earth's primal intelligence. See Philipp’s work in motion here.

Thank you for being here! I’m counting the days until my opening party for, Goodnight Moon next Saturday, April 6, when we can all get together in the name of art. Time to call the sitter, draw up an outfit, and arrange dinner plans in Sausalito, there’s fun to be had and it won’t be long. Tempus breve est (Time is short). See you soon. XxA

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