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Francisco Mayor Maestre & Galina Munroe

Welcome to Adele Delivers, where I deliver two of my favorite contemporary artists right to your inbox each Friday. Here’s to fostering a deeper connection with art, one artist at a time.

Francisco Mayor Maestre

Francisco’s oil paintings are large, holding as many as 182 tiny apartments in a single artwork—182 tiny little worlds teeming with lives, families, jobs, communities, hopes, and dreams. Francisco’s art looks at the limits of urbanism and nature compared with the mysterious geometry that makes up plants, buildings, humans, and human interaction. Learn more about Francisco here.

Galina Munroe

Galina's world is a place where rest and conversation bloom effortlessly like wildflowers in a tidy grove where secrets are shared and comfort abounds. It's calm, generous, unquestionably beautiful and bold. Learn more about Galina here.

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My new favorite song: La Diabla by Xavi a catchy song “about a bad boy romancing a bad girl to the tune of a crunchy requinto guitar”

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Thank you for being here! I hope you can find a moment to nourish yourself this weekend before it gets away. Tempus volat, hora fugit. Time flies, the hour flees. Till soon. XxA

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