Grace Kennison & Parker Parrella

There are angels among us.

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Grace Kennison

Grace paints the Wild West. In her words, “Through my work, I have come to think of “the West” as a psychological space where ideas about freedom, identity, and land threaten to eliminate or warp real histories, perceptions of self, and our relationship to the world around us. My work asks what it is about this West that we identify with and long for. I wonder to what degree our relationships to the natural world, ourselves, and reality are at stake in wrangling with the legacy of the West.” Learn more about Grace here. 

Parker Parrella

Parker has a bio on their website- says Parker paints plain ol’ day-to-day encounters with light and space, making it clear that while we can’t all see them, there are angels among us. Learn more about Parker here. 

Only one link this week, but it's a great one!

Just starting out as an artist? Randall Roberts is dropping some serious wisdom on nurturing creativity and breaking into the art scene. This advice is pure gold.

Thank you for being here! There won’t be an Art Delivery next week because I'll be Rome-ing through Italy. As I pasta by cool art, I'll post to my Instagram so stay tuned! Arrivederci, ti amo! XxA

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