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Katie Wakeman & Adele Gilani

Welcome to Adele Delivers, where I deliver two of my favorite contemporary artists right to your inbox every Friday. Here’s to fostering a deeper connection with art, one artist at a time.

Katie Wakeman

Living in a city, you encounter countless security gates, usually the standard black iron variety. But these! When I first discovered Katie's metalwork, I felt like a kid hunting Easter eggs, eager to find them all. Their materiality lends a comforting sense of permanence in these tumultuous times, while their beauty contributes to the neighborhood's visual identity, bringing us together through art. Learn more about Katie here.

Adele Gilani (Me!)

In my latest series, we conspire with nature. In various languages, over lush landscapes, nature speaks to us the way one would speak to a new baby, maybe not in a language we understand initially but one that is available to us to learn as we grow together, as we play together and as we strive to solve the world’s problems together, both with nature and as a society. Learn more about Adele here.

Thank you for being here! I feel like including some links this time because the art on my heart tends to intersect with other media I’m consuming.

Song I’m listening to: “Your Love” by Frankie Knuckles, Chicago house music from the 80’s, sounds like dancing at sunset with friends.

Movie I love: Dream Scenario, a comedic fantasy movie about the life of a mega-viral sensation. Available on Max

Quote on my mind: “The problems of society are ones that our parents and grandparents couldn’t fix. So they’re all very hard. If you make some material contribution in one or two areas, that’s remarkable.” — Reed Hastings, Co-founder of Netflix via Tim Ferriss

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